E-Liquid Manufacturer & Co-Packing Facility

FEI: 3013052704

Quality Statement

Our goal at Savage Enterprises is to provide the highest quality products in the vaping industry. Savage Enterprises aims to set the bar in consistency, safety, value, and product quality. In an industry where standards are not standard, Savage Enterprises sets itself apart with a vision of providing products that are held above the government requirements, and consumer expectations.

We strive to improve our manufacturing processes, quality standards, and internal structures to provide at an affordable price for our consumers. From the corporate offices to the manufacturing team, we believe that quality in all aspects of our business is vital.

Why Savage

We are a FDA registered facility. The FDA has released regulations for all tobacco products to be registered every year prior 31st of Dec. Section 905 regulates that every entity that operates, manufactures, prepares, or processes any tobacco product must submit all that is used and manufactured for commercial use and anything that pertains to products which include labels.


We are licensed to sell our E-Liquids in multiple states including but not limited to: Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Labeling Compliance

We have a dedicated team to ensure that our labels and our Co-Packing labels are up to standard with various state and federal regulations. We have an in-house graphic design team, to help bring your companies ideas to life.

Quality Control

We inspect various points throughout the production line.

Quality receiving inspection of incoming packaging components and raw materials.

Lot and batch code printed for traceability per batch run.

Trusted and reputable sources for raw material ingredients.


Products will be designed to customer requirements, be customizable or be offered in a variety designed to suit customer preferences. Pricing for co-packing varies and dependent upon the complexity of the recipe.

For more information about co-packing with our facility please email us at info@savageenterprises.com

GMP Compliance

GMP is a reference to the good manufacturing practice regulations that is heavily regulated by the FDA. GMPS accommodate frameworks that guarantee legitimate plan, observing and control of assembling procedures and offices.

The quality control team at Savage is committed to good manufacturing practices, and those practices govern every process as they apply to all of our products. We employ rigorous CGMP controls, with strict lot number control and extensive documentation.

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