In 2014, Savage E-liquid was the first company created by Savage Enterprises. Since the inception, business at Savage E-Liquid began moving very quickly, to which Savage Enterprises was born in early 2015.


Let’s start a little before Savage though. I owned a vape shop called OC Vapor Chamber with my business partner Matt. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to create flavors. I really didn’t think manufacturing and distribution were for me. I wanted to solely focus on retail, and build my retail business, but as time went on I started seeing other companies like Spaace Jam juice, Cosmic Fog, and various others blow up.


I came from a sales background and love phone sales, you know when you’re really good at something, it just feels right? Yeah, that’s how I feel about sales – especially over the phone. So, now I became interested in selling e-liquid products.


I started mixing my first flavor, now called White, around April of 2014 and people loved it. I have gone ahead and rested my mixologist hat since then, why screw up a good thing when you did it perfectly once? I now leave it to the professionals to innovate and design our flavors.


But that flavor was a hit! We made a few other flavors in the back of our vape shop, which by the way was a room about 10 feet by 5 feet, so not a lot of room to move around.


At the time, at my sales job, selling real estate and wasn’t ready to take the plunge fully into the vape space, that didn’t come until 2015.


Later in 2014, we started calling shops, sending samples, and making deals. I couldn’t believe it. We hit our first vape show at the beginning of 2015 and maxed out our merchant processor. (They were pissed, which I still don’t understand).

Finally, it became the time I knew would always happen – it was time to go all in on entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, our shop had to die off because I was focusing so much on our distribution and manufacturing. But this step into distribution and manufacturing was the direction we needed to take for Savage Enterprises.


I wish I could say the path to being one of the biggest companies in the industry was easy, but it really hasn’t been. Business is quite the competitive sport, but I am glad that we accomplished what we did by going all in.


Over the years I have learned about the importance of quality control, marketing, customers, margins, distribution, and it has been one hell of a ride.


Our core values here at Savage include thinking outside of the box and helping the companies that work with us. We understand that without these businesses, we would not be anywhere close to where we are today. So, we strive to maintain these values with every given opportunity.


This even extends to the end users – some of my favorite people ever! Without THEM we would be out of business.


Overall, if you took the time to read about the history of Savage I want to thank you for taking the time. We truly value the vape community and we would love to be a part of your business’ success.



PS: Everyone asks me, “How did you come up with the name Savage?” Well, in truth, there was an argument about our name early on, the two names on the table were between HardXcore Vapors or Savage. Savage is my gamertag on online gaming. So, you can probably assume who won that argument. 😉