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Today we are going to review the Luxotic BF Box by Wismec! You can also click hereto watch the full review on YouTube.

For this review we picked up the kit, which includes:

  • the device (comes fully assembled)
  • extra O-rings
  • a small tool & screws (to build your atomizer)
  • extra drip tip
  • extra squonk bottle
  • 2 pre-built coils

This device is a squonk mod, which means you re-wet the wicks as needed by pressing the exposed plastic bottle of juice.

In the picture above you can see all the parts of the atomizer, & below you can see the assembled atomizer.

To access the battery (it runs on one 18650) & the bottle with, you just gently pull off the magnetized front panel (ours is green) that has the opening for the bottle. In the picture below you can see the inside of the device.

To fill the bottle, first you’ll pull off the magnetic bottom cover

And then push the bottle down from the top, through the opening, & pull the bottle out.

Once the bottle is removed you can fill it with the juice of your choosing, & then re-insert the bottle through the hole in the bottom making sure that the bottle is securely in place. You can now put cotton in the coil (see below), making sure that the hole in the bottom of the atomizer is not covered.

Then just put juice on the coil & cotton, fire it to make sure there’s vapor, & then you’re ready to vape! When you need to add more juice, just push the plastic bottle to push juice up into the wick.

Things we love about this device: squonking is a great option & we love it; the device is a great size; great flavor; the fire button is very responsive; the device looks & feels nice. We don’t even have anything that we don’t like! This is an amazing option if you’re interested in squonking & we highly recommend it.

That’s all we have for today! Thank you so much for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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