Hey Savages!

Today we are reviewing the Paranormal DNA 75C! You can click hereto watch the full review on YouTube.

Inside of the Paranormal box you will find:

  • the mod
  • instruction booklet
  • warranty card
  • micro USB charger
  • suction cup
  • wooden panels (to change the look of the mod)

To fire up the Paranormal, you’ll click the circular button 5 times to get to the main screen & click it 5 times again to get to the menu screen. In the menu screen, you’ll find that you can change all the settings. We are not experts on all of the options, so we recommend this videoif you’d like to learn more.

For this device, you’ll need to provide a tank- we used the Fireluke Mesh tank.

Things we love about this device: you can change out the panels (using the suction cup) to change the look of the mod; there are several menu options that make this device easily customizable; it uses the DNA 75 chip, which is fast & well-made; it’s a great size; it’s very well-made.

Things we don’t love about this device: while the endless menu options are nice, it can get overwhelming; this device only goes up to 75 watts, which means the batteries will drain quickly (there is another version that has higher wattage capabilities); this mod runs a little more expensive, costing about $100.

Overall, we approve of this mod if you’re able to spend the money & are excited about the tech aspects.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading & remember to #StaySavage!




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